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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Egg 6: Purple: Merced Dog Park

After 10:30 tonight, look in or around the Merced Dog Park for a purple egg. Let us know if you find it! Another collaborative poem by Jeremy Mumford & Dawn Trook. Next week, more lovely gems by Elizabeth McGunn-Tetangco.

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  1. Stopped by the dog park yesterday. Found a poem in the fountain, ready to be drunk.


    Dirt sprinkled in hair, we buried him
    up to his neck in a hole
    we dug out over three days,
    holy excavations. We thought
    we'd escape the boring
    mundanity of our childhood,
    root all the way to Tasmania,
    hang with tte devils. Cow bones
    became remnants of the lost,
    ghosts tugging at his legs until he screamed,
    crawling his way back to dinner,
    fried chicken on the stove,
    the lonely mother waiting,
    welcoming us back to the awful,
    such a long way from teh island
    beaches we nearly reached.
    And when the dirt shakes off,
    the clothes cold and damp,
    there is no doubt, no Thomas holding
    the punctured palm; there is only Lazarus unfolded, partially wrapped, back
    from the dead into the light of the living.

    by Jeremy Mumford and Dawn Trook.