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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Dozenth Egg!

Day the 12! A beautiful poem and hiding place courtesy of Byron Webb. Pet Smart on Olive Avenue parking lot. It's all yours!

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  1. There is a Merced Midnight Run each Tuesday and Saturday night. I'm an avid midnight runner (walker), so tonight when I finished the walk, I sat down outside of J & R Tacos and relaxed for a few minutes, just trying to unwind a bit. My friend Janna Rodriguez had gone on the midnight run with me. She asked what I was going to do, so I told her about the Great Merced Egg Hunt. She was immediately interested, so we asked our friend Oscar Torres to join us, and off we went to the very dark parking lot of Pet Smart. It took the three of us a bit of searching, but finally Janna asked if I had a flashlight. I gave her my small LED flashlight and a few moments later heard her excitedly yell to us that she had found the egg. Yay Janna! Another found... the Great Merced Egg Hunt continutes...